2. Hedgerows

A hedgerow is row of trees and shrubs that have been managed to form dense, protective habitat that provide food and shelter for birds and small mammals.  Hedgerows often support a diverse flora at their base and may be punctuated by individual trees that have been allowed to grow to reach full height.

Hedgerows are also the natural ‘motorways’ of the countryside and birds, invertebrates and small mammals use hedgerows to move between other habitats in order to feed, breed and escape predation.  Many country hedges have been removed to increase agricultural yields and are a diminishing resource.  A well managed hedgerow can also form a useful barrier to increase security and safety at the golf club.

This resource section provides advice on planting new hedgerows as well as caring for existing hedgerows.

2.1 Planting new hedgerows
2.2 Existing hedgerows